What was in the money sections of the weekend’s papers? (02/08/2021)

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Work out if your adviser is worth the money

The Times has been on a bit of a tear recently becoming a bit more critical of financial advice. This article urges clients to work out if their adviser is worth the money.

The article features analysis from Vanguard which says advice can boost returns by up to 3% a year. However, the firm adds investors are still losing out because of a lack of competition and a lack of transparency in charges.

You can find more about the value of advice here and here.

Cut your inheritance tax bill – even after you’ve paid

With more families having to pay the 40% inheritance tax (IHT) levy, The Telegraph suggests tactics to reduce the bill.

One route the article suggests is a deed of variation. This allows families to rewrite the will of the deceased within two years of their death. They can then reorganize their estate in a way that incurs less tax. Another option for families is to apply for an IHT refund if the assets used in valuing the estate fall in value.

You can find more about IHT planning here.

Worried inflation will melt away your wealth? It could be time to cash in on the falling price of gold

The Mail on Sunday urges readers to think about investing in gold to combat inflation in this article. The newspaper expresses surprise that its price has not risen for much of this year considering many think it is a way of hedging inflation.

“Gold is a form of protection and insurance,’ economic historian John Butler, who is not registered to give advice, tells the paper. “A conservative investor who is interested not only in growing their wealth but also protecting it should always have a proportion of their investments in gold.

“Right now, we have a long laundry list of economic concerns including expansionary monetary and fiscal policies. So while you would always want to have some gold in your portfolio, I would say that the current need for that insurance is unusually large.”

You can find our thoughts on gold here.

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