What was in the money sections of the weekend’s papers? (07/06/2021)

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Savings: Britons warned there may ‘inadvertently’ be ‘more risk’ in cash saving – act now

This article in the Sunday Express says savings accounts may “inadvertently” create additional risk for Britons who could be left short when it comes to reaching their goals.

The story attempts to dispel some myths about investing. These include that investing is only for the rich and that you need to be an expert to do it.

You can find our thoughts on this here.

If you want your pension to outlive you – only take 3pc a year

Anyone retiring today could need a pension 70pc bigger to see them through retirement than they did just 10 years ago. This is according to research cited in an article in the Telegraph.

One of the key assumptions behind this is that the portfolio within this fictional pension contains 50% UK Equities and cites its underperformance of global equities as a reason for potential future outperformance.

We believe in spreading the money in a portfolio around the global economy and spreading the risk.  You can find more about how we look at the amount someone should withdraw from their portfolio here.

Goldman Sachs’ savings brand Marcus being impersonated by scammers

The well-known Goldman Sachs brand Marcus has seen an impersonation website appear in recent weeks. It is dangerously indistinguishable to the original.

The Daily Mail says the fake website was attracting customers through a fake comparison site advertised on Google.

Goldman Sachs, the newspaper reports, has received 130 reports of the UK-based scam website. It is spending millions to protect customers through software and external companies.

You should always be wary of scams, and you can find more on this here and here.

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