What was in the money sections of the weekend’s papers? (13/09/2021)

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Why the £86k social care cap won’t save you from selling your home

The Telegraph reports on how older people still risk losing their homes and spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on care, despite the Government’s new plan to save pensioners from devastating costs.

You can find our coverage of this here.

Inheritances will be destroyed! 7 ways social care fees will steal your family’s wealth

The Express has a much more hyperbolic takedown of the new proposals. The article does provide a viewpoint of some of the limitations of the new measures.

Cheap funds lead global stocks boom

The Times covers how more money is likely to be invested into global stocks in 2021 than in all the previous 20 years as markets continue to hit record highs.

The amount poured into global stocks this year is predicted to hit $1 trillion (£721 billion) according to the Bank of America. According to them this money is largely flowing into investments that track an index like the FTSE.

If this leads you to have any fears about the markets, we have some commentary on this here.

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