What was in the money sections of the weekend’s papers? (15/11/2021)

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The new £1bn scandal hitting savers

The Telegraph covers how vast sums have been ploughed into eight schemes that promised returns of more than 10% a year by buying stakes in hotels, care homes, car parks and other properties. However, many of the projects were doomed from the start.

This is yet another story of how something which looks too good to be true turned out to be just that. We find if you have a set philosophy about how you want to invest your money, you can avoid these types of traps. You can find more about ours here.

Pension withdrawal fees: Don’t let others get rich from your savings

The Times explores the impact that fees can have on those taking an income in retirement. It explores sustainable withdrawal rates which we cover here. Any projections or withdrawal rate calculations that we produce include all costs.

Getting inflationary investing back on track

The Financial Times has a guest piece from a manager of an investment trust who advocates for investing in Freight Rail as a way to keep up with inflation.

Once again this might be right or it might be wrong but is it worth taking an outsized bet on? Whatever you decide, once again it is good a good idea to have a sound investment philosophy to guide you.

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