What was in the money sections of the weekend’s papers? (17/05/2021)

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How to dodge the £8,000 annuity trap

Some 64,000 people failed to seek guidance or advice when buying an annuity over the last two years, according to The Telegraph.

It quotes the Financial Conduct Authority and then Canada Life for its research suggesting those who fail to seek help lose out an average of £7,700 over a 20-year annuity.

“Different providers want different types of business so they price accordingly,” says Retirement Line’s Mark Ormston. “The older you get, the more important it is to shop around because there is often a greater difference in price. The same goes for those with specific lifestyle or health conditions.”

As always this shows the benefit of taking advice from someone who can examine the entire marketplace and find the right deal for you.

Why the ex-pat retirement dream could be gone forever

His article in the Telegraph looks at how individuals are finding it harder to retire abroad. Bureaucratic complications, combined with the pandemic, have forced retirees to reconsider their plans, amid worries about losing state pension rights and access to healthcare.

This shows the importance of having a level of flexibility in your plans. If you rely on one thing happening, then you always run the risk of things going the wrong way.

Emerging markets: risk, reward and Covid

The Financial Times has written a long, detailed piece about emerging market investing.

It explores the increase in popularity of emerging market funds among retail investors. The market capitalisation of Exchange Traded Funds and equivalent products based on emerging markets has increased by more than £500bn since the start of 2020.

The article explores the pros and cons of investing in emerging market funds. We would suggest that a well-diversified portfolio is likely to have a level of exposure to emerging markets alongside the other markets across the globe.

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