What was in the money sections of the weekend’s papers? (23/08/2021)

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Ten million savers could run out of money in retirement

This article in the Telegraph covers how a survey conducted by LV, the pensions group, found that 34pc of savers, or 9.9 million people, admitted to not knowing how to ensure they would not run out of money in retirement.

Workers who manage their own retirement don’t know how to avoid running out of money.

This is an area many advisers such as us specialise in. We can give you an idea of the potential consequences of taking certain levels of income. You can find out more about this here.

‘Inheritance is a problem’: parents on what they will leave to their children

Following Daniel Craig’s remarks that he will spend his money or give it away, the Guardian asked readers what their plans are.

Some wanted to give money to organisations they care about before they die. Others wanted to help their children

You can find some of our thoughts on this here and here.

Paw performance: These ‘dog funds’ have underperformed their benchmarks by the most over recent years – so check if your savings are in the dog house

The Daily Mail and others cover the latest “Spot the dog” report. Some 77 funds have consistently underperformed their sector, running a total of £29.5bn, meeting the report’s criteria for underperformance, versus 119 funds and almost £50bn in January and 150 funds a year ago. The total is now the lowest reported since 2019.

Seven funds on the list hold at least £1 billion and the average fund holds around £400 million.

In a potential reflection of the relative difficulty outperforming the more developed a market is, the worst sector was North America, with 22% funds underperforming. This was followed by Global Equity Income (13%) and Europe ex-UK (14%).

Having reviewed the report, we can confirm none of the funds we have selected for our portfolios are in the “dog house”.

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