What was in the weekend’s papers? (09/11/2020)

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The Lockdown 2 survival guide for pension savers

While our portfolios recovered quickly from the market downturn earlier this year, some pension savers may still be reeling from it. The Telegraph looks at what they can do to protect their money from any upcoming turbulence.

The piece offers some guidance, imploring people to stay invested and not panic. It references a couple of different investors who lost more than £60,000 after the first lockdown in March.

One thing it covers is reviewing the level of income being taken from the pot. We believe an equally important thing to do was to review what parts of the portfolio funded this income. This gave the parts which had fallen time to recover.

UK house prices rise in October ahead of the second lockdown

House price growth will slow, as well as market activity writes The Financial Times. This comes despite the latest figures from the Halifax House Price Index showing house prices at a record high in October, 7.5% higher than the same time last year

The average house price in the UK has surpassed the £250,000 mark for the first time, according to the index. However, the growth in October was just 0.3%, down from the 1.5% increase in September.

Seven reasons why this lockdown will be different for your finances

The Times has put together a small list detailing why this lockdown will be different from the first one when it comes to our finances.

First of on the list comes pensions. The ‘paper happily notes that portfolios will not “crash’ as they did before, which is a grand claim. Other things which could be different include a lack of mortgage holidays and fewer people paying off their debts.

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