What was in the weekend’s papers? (12/04/2021)

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‘I tracked down my £14k lost pension – before the Government seized it’

More savers are trying to track down forgotten-about pension pots before the government takes the money for other uses, according to The Telegraph. The Government said in January that pensions that had lain dormant for years would be used to fund “good causes”. This expands on what the Government already does with old bank accounts.

The scheme is reportedly worth £40bn in additional state funding if savers do not get on the case to track down lost pension pots.

How can you tell if you are gambling or investing? Here are a few of the tell-tale signs

The rise of trading platforms over the pandemic, and the GameStop saga this year, might suggest investors might be gambling. This article in The Mail on Sunday tries to help readers distinguish between the two.

The main questions it asks readers to consider are: do your investments keep you awake?; Are you listening to your gut?; Is your portfolio taking up a lot of your time?; And are you excited about a handful of companies?

We believe it is vital to decide what guidelines you want to heed when investing before you invest.

Your pension, your risk, your choice

The Financial Times has a story where a retired actuary takes us through his decision-making process when taking an income from his pension via drawdown. It all sounds entirely logical although we might argue about the need to put five years in cash and have an amount in fixed interest.

For more, you can see a post we have about taking an income from your pot.

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