What was in the weekend’s papers? (15/02/2021)

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Is there any point in an ISA?

As the end of the tax year approaches, so does the chance to take out an ISA for next year. The Guardian’s Shane Hickey considers whether the move is really worth it.

However, with interest rates so low, he asks, is there any point when it could end up delivering such minor gains?

Most investors will choose between Cash or Stocks & Shares for their ISA. When thinking about this one consideration should be whether you have more than enough cash savings already.

If you are intending to invest, or think you may do in the future, then you should consider an ISA even if you do not think it will be worth much to you now.

State pension: Britons could claim up to £356 per month for joint pain or other conditions

In the Express this weekend, it seems state pensions could prove to be a valuable lifeline for millions of older people across the UK. However, those with joint pain or other conditions may also be able to receive an additional sum.

The current state pension currently stands at £175.20pw. Some people will not be receiving this amount if they have not built up enough National Insurance contributions.

However, there is attendance allowance which is designed to aid eligible individuals with extra costs if they have a disability or condition severe enough that they require someone to assist in looking after them.

Britons do not need to have someone caring for them to claim, which could make more people who need support eligible.

Should I give away my assets before the Budget?

With the budget fast approaching, the Financial Times looks at whether it is a good idea to make gifts before any potential rule changes.

If you can afford to make gifts, then the best time to make them is now. The budget might no change that. We believe that the longer you have to see the good your money can do the better and it is something we always to talk to our clients about.

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