What was in the weekend’s papers? (17/08/2020)

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“‘Dividends cut by 445 LSE-listed companies”

Some yields still remain attractive even after changes, analysts say.

COMMENT: You can find our thoughts on income investing here.

“Pensions cash a temptation for silver job seekers”

If you’re made redundant in your fifties, should you dip into your retirement funds?

COMMENT: We always recommend to our clients that if they can put off dipping into their retirement savings they should try to do so. However, we understand many cannot. We always look to run the numbers and show our clients how the decisions they make now could affect their future retirement.

“New crop of ETFs offer creative investing ideas for volatile times”

Fresh approaches abound in funds focused on gold, Chinese equities and ESG.

COMMENT: You can find our thoughts on investing in gold here. Our investment process relies on what has worked rather than a “creative” idea. Over time clients we have seen many supposedly “revolutionary” investment offerings. Most failed to deliver on the marketing hype.


“How to retire when the country is in a deep recession”

Katherine Denham asks the experts what you should do if your pension pot has plummeted.

COMMENT: If our clients’ pension plans are an indication of the wider world we doubt that many who have invested prudently have seen their values plummet. However, for those that have seen this happen, the best thing to do is to run the numbers. This can show what retirement may look like now. We can then explore options such as deferring retirement, reducing expenditure etc.


“The best British income funds amid the dividend chaos”

Liontrust Income is the best fund when balancing returns, yield and risk.

COMMENT: You can find our thoughts on income investing here.

“Is Bitcoin really ‘digital gold’ – and should you own some?”

One fund manager said Bitcoin could rise five-fold within two years although another admitted that ‘it could go to zero’.

COMMENT: You can find our thoughts on investing in gold here and some of the points are just as relevant when talking about bitcoin. If the consensus is that something could deliver returns of 500% or lose all your money, it is probably too risky for most of our clients.

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