What was in the weekend’s papers? (19/04/2021)

Category: News

How middle England can avoid a 55pc pension tax hit

The Telegraph has an article about the Lifetime Allowance and what those who might be exposed to it could do. You can find our thoughts about the allowance here. One thing we would question is whether the “hit”, as the headline applies, is 55% for most the annual allowance charge would be 25% and then any income would be subject to tax as it would be anyway.

Forget the life coach, now you need a guru for your finances

The Times has a story about how financial coaching has become increasingly popular.

The best financial planners help you clarify a purpose for your future. This should be something you already know deep down but sometimes just saying it can be illuminating. You can read more about this here.

Revival of bonds as buffer for market shocks

The Financial Times has an opinion piece about how bonds are coming back into vogue now geopolitical tensions are rising.

You can find more of our thoughts about the role of fixed interest in a portfolio here.

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