What was in the weekend’s papers? (20/07/2020)

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Financial Times

What a change to CGT could mean to you

It was revealed earlier last week that Chancellor Rishi Sunak had ordered a review into capital gains tax.

COMMENT: You can find our post about this here.

The Times

Is your cheap tracker more expensive than you thought?

Low-cost investing is on the rise, but choose wisely

COMMENT: We use both tracker or index funds and active funds within our portfolios. When selecting them price is always a key factor.

Two thirds of our funds are failing, St James’s Place says

More than two thirds of the funds managed by St James’s Place are failing, yet the company claims many still offer “overall value”.

COMMENT: This shows the risks of getting advice from a company who run their funds and products. If the funds they run fall short they will not recommend alternatives. You should always use an adviser who’s main concern is helping you achieve your goals, not putting money into their products.

The ping pong champion who is beating Terry Smith

Stephen Yiu’s Blue Whale Growth fund is making waves after returning 69 per cent in three years

COMMENT: You can read about how we select funds here. We tend to select funds who operate within a specific area such as UK equities. We use established fund managers with long term records of successfully managing money to do this. These may be active or passive funds depending on which we have the most confidence in each asset class.

The Telegraph

The pound has been volatile when Brexit is at the fore, is now the time to ‘hedge’ your investments?

If sterling appreciates on news of a Brexit deal, hedged funds will come into play

COMMENT: The risk of moves in currencies reducing the value of international investments is ever-present in an unhedged global portfolio. In the more defensive global bond element, we do hedge currency risk. We do not in the equity element and this will be something we will review at our next investment committee meeting.

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