How can we meet remotely?

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Zoom is a video meeting app which is like skype but works on any device. All you need is a device with a camera, a screen, a microphone and speakers. This could be a laptop, tablet, or your phone. It is safe and secure. It works very well, and also allows us to share screens.

We would send you the link to join a meeting and this would involve the following:

1. If you are on a phone or tablet get the zoom app

If you are on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, head to the app store and download “Zoom cloud meeting”

Got a laptop? You can skip to the next step.

2. Click the link we will have sent you

Our meeting invite will have a link to click on that start “….” Click this on the device you want to use, and it will take you straight to our meeting.

We recommend you do this in advance to get comfortable with the process. It will work any time we just will not be on the other end yet!

3. Check it all works

Once the zoom app has started, now is the time to check your camera and microphone are working.

Our tip is to use your broadband connection and be close to your Wi-Fi router.

4. Use headphones for better quality

If you have headphones that will attach to your tablet or laptop., it will improve the call quality.

This is not essential, but it can be helpful.

5. See you soon!

Once our meeting time comes around, click the link and we will see you then.

If we have any technical issues, then we can always pick up the phone.

The video below looks at how to join a meeting:

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