How much control will I have in the financial planning process?

Category: Financial Planning

We personalise the advice we give to our clients as much as possible.

Our financial planning process is all about collaboration. We seek to understand where you are, what you want from life, and any concerns you have. Your goals and priorities are unique to you.

Once we have done some analysis, we will have a chat either in person or on a video call. We will outline some of the options you have on how to achieve your goals. We will also suggest financial products that will help you get there. All this will look at the areas where we believe we can add value. If you want our help to implement anything and to benefit from a regular review of your planning, we will welcome you as a full client of PWS. While we can advise, the decisions are yours to make, and you have control over what you do.

We recommend an investment approach aligned with what we believe works best for our clients. As an alternative, we can recommend versions of our portfolios that exclude companies who have a negative impact on the environment. We can talk about which approach is right for you as part of your regular review of your planning. Any new investment we make on your behalf needs to be approved by you.

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