What returns can I get?

Category: Investment

The returns you can get from your money can mean different things to different people. To some, getting better returns is something to boast about.

We believe returns are meaningless unless they go towards making your life better in some way. This can be being able to retire earlier or being able to help loved ones more. Our job is to find out how you can use your money better to help you improve your life.

When doing this planning, we must account for the fact that we do not know what returns are going to be. Nobody does.

Investing in the global economy should produce higher returns than a bank account. History has taught us this. History has also told us we need to be patient when investing money or we may lose some of it. There are no guarantees.

The one thing which affects the returns they can get is how much risk they are willing to take with it. We help clients how uncertain returns and time affect their financial plans. We then aim to structure their finances so they can get suitable returns for them. When doing so we look at how much risk they should take and how to construct an investment portfolio. We believe we can add value in a variety of ways.

We believe in underpromising and overperforming, so if you ask us what returns you could get do not expect a high figure.

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