Month: August 2020

How could Capital Gains Tax change?

As well as reviewing the operation of capital gains tax (CGT), the Chancellor asked the Office of Tax Simplification to consider “opportunities to simplify the tax”. What changes could emerge and what could this mean for financial planning strategies for our clients? Charging capital gains made by individuals to income tax If you are taxed

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What was in the weekend’s papers? (24/08/2020)

FINANCIAL TIMES “‘Two companies to pay £10.7m to investors sold risky schemes” Avacade and Alexandra Associates provided investment services without being authorised by regulator. COMMENT: You should always check that your adviser is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Also, if you are advised to invest into something which offers high returns for low or

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Should I invest my money or pay off my debts?

You may have some spare money some surplus income. Either way, you might be thinking about what is best to do with this. Is it better to invest or repay your debts early? Paying off your debt could mean means reduced stress, and a greater ability to withstand personal emergencies, recessions, and depressions. Investing means

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What was in the weekend’s papers? (17/08/2020)

FINANCIAL TIMES “‘Dividends cut by 445 LSE-listed companies” Some yields still remain attractive even after changes, analysts say. COMMENT: You can find our thoughts on income investing here. “Pensions cash a temptation for silver job seekers” If you’re made redundant in your fifties, should you dip into your retirement funds? COMMENT: We always recommend to

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Should I still be investing in Commercial Property?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is floating the idea of new rules designed to improve investor experiences in open-ended UK Commercial Property Funds. Most are currently suspended due to uncertainties on the value of the properties because of the COVID pandemic. In the past, they have placed restrictions on withdrawals due to a lack of

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What is a Discounted Gift Trust?

The discounted gift scheme is an arrangement which allows you to make a gift for inheritance tax (IHT) purposes while retaining the right to a fixed income (in the form of regular withdrawals) for your lifetime (or until the trust fund is exhausted). Firstly, from the amount of capital which is to be gifted you

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What was in the weekend’s papers? (03/08/2020)

FINANCIAL TIMES “Will superfunds come to the rescue of UK pensions?” Covid-19 adds to pressure on final salary schemes to consolidate. COMMENT: The guaranteed income these types of schemes offer is only as strong as the performance of the scheme’s investments and the ability of the company backing it to meet any shortfalls. Anything which

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