Month: November 2022

What was announced in the 2022 Autumn Budget?

On 17 November, the fourth chancellor of the year delivered his Autumn Statement. Jeremy Hunt aimed to use the Autumn Statement to calm markets and reset public finances. Much of what was stated had been expected. Once again, there was a focus on so-called stealth taxes. These came either through the further freezing of allowances,

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How long do I have to invest for?

Many wonder how long they need to invest their money. Like many others in life, the answer is “it depends.” While no two circumstances are identical, understanding the behaviour of the investment markets can help you make an informed decision. History also shows that the longer you invest, you increase your chances of making money

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Why don’t you try to time the markets?

We all wish we could outwit the financial markets. Instead of trusting them to produce life-changing returns, we fool ourselves into believing that we can predict when the market will fall and then rise again. No one is immune to this temptation, but we can cure ourselves of the desire to act on it. With a

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