What is a Wrap?

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Spreading your planning across a number of companies tends to generate mountains of paperwork. It also increases the hassle of getting up to date valuations or putting any changes in place.

A Wrap Platform allows you to hold everything in one place. This enables you to quickly understand what you have and what you have invested it into.

A wrap is a web-based service that enables us to manage your entire portfolio from one place. It makes it easier to take a comprehensive approach to your financial planning. This helps us make your money work harder and look after you through all life’s changes.

As your adviser, we want you to value the service we provide. Through the platform we select to support our service, we can access investment funds of all shapes, sizes, and asset types, along with a wide variety of tax-efficient product “wrappers” to invest them in depending on your overall tax planning needs. When we make recommendations, our birds-eye view of your portfolio means we are doing it as part of the bigger picture.

To keep you on track to achieving your financial goals, we would need to regularly review your planning. For example, if new tax rules were brought in, we would need to check your investments were still in the best type of products for you.

If anything needs to be changed, we discuss with you what we think needs to be done. A wrap means we can implement these changes quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to ensure that your portfolio is working hard for you.

This all adds up to a genuine service that you will really come to value.

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