What is the importance of goals?

Category: Financial Planning

Getting the most out of life can be like climbing a mountain. The goal is to reach the peak and hoist up your flag.

The journey will be challenging, so you need to be passionate about it. Most financial plans involve investing and markets always have difficult periods. It is essential to have something to focus on, so you stick to the plan.

Where do I start?

The act of setting goals is difficult for most. We often have no idea what we want to do next week, let alone in 15 years. Still, it is really hard to get somewhere if you do not know where you are going.

Let go of the need to be exactly right. We are guessing, but make it the best one you can. How important is making work optional? Define it a bit. How much will it cost, when could it happen? Picture how doing that would make you feel. Be honest. Be realistic. Not all of us can climb Everest.

What then?

Expect to have to make course corrections. Revisit your guesses about the future regularly. If you set off in the wrong direction, adjustments are easier earlier on. They are much harder to make later on when you have strayed onto the wrong mountain.

Planning for a better financial future needs to be revised continuously. It is not set in stone.

How do you help?

At outset, we help our clients think about their goals through careful questioning. We also give them a picture of what might be possible. We then work with them to make sure they take the best route possible and make course corrections when necessary.

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