Month: March 2021

What was in the weekend’s papers? (29/03/2021)

Neil Woodford scandal: What fund bosses knew but never told us The Woodford scandal continues to unfold. The latest comes from The Sunday Times, which says the firm overseeing the fund, Link Fund Solutions, knew of its risky holdings but did not warn investors of such risks. Several requests of information were sent by Hargreaves Lansdown, who

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What was in the weekend’s papers? (08/03/2021)

Death tax to catch thousands more in £1bn pandemic raid The Telegraph says grieving families are set to be hit with a £1bn “stealth tax” grab. This is after Rishi Sunak revealed in his Budget that the government would cash in on inheritances to support public finances. Speaking in parliament last week, Sunak revealed his five-year freeze

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What was announced in the 2021 Budget?

This is one of the more important budgets of recent times. So, what was announced? Income tax rates, thresholds, and thresholds For 2021/22 Personal Allowance increasing to £12,570, basic rate band to £37,700 meaning a higher rate threshold of £50,270 – but then these figures will be frozen until April 2026. No changes to dividend

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What was in the weekend’s papers? (01/03/2021)

Lockdown savings? Put them in an ISA while you can This article in the Guardian looks at how the Covid pandemic has bolstered many people’s balances. It also has some tax-efficient places for readers to put their extra cash. The piece mentions various investment ideas but for most, we believe bespoke advice is best. Rishi

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