Month: September 2021

Is sharing a pension on divorce common?

The University of Manchester Research has published a report entitled: Pensions and Divorce: Exploratory Analysis of Quantitative Data. The report has found that, within couples, men have substantially more private pension wealth than women. This poses challenges should they divorce. The researchers looked at the pension wealth of almost 30,000 people over the age of

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Is salary sacrifice more attractive since the introduction of the Health & Social Care Levy?

We have written previously about how employees exchanging part of their salary and/or bonus for increased pension contributions has become common. We explained how this can be far more attractive than the employee making a direct pension contribution on his/her own behalf. Attractions of salary sacrifice Contributions paid out of an employee’s after-tax pay are

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Do the recent tax changes mean I should look at taking a dividend or bonus from my business again?

The social care announcement on 7 September 2021 increased both national insurance (NICs) and dividend tax from 2022/23. In addition, the March Budget revised corporation tax rates from 2023/24. The combined effect of these announcements might shift the decision of whether to take a dividend or not from your business. We have looked at some examples to see where these shifts might have taken

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What is the new Health and Social Care Levy?

To begin with, it is worth a quick reminder of the current social care position in England: (Wales, N. Ireland and, in particular Scotland, have their own variations on the theme): There is a £23,250 capital means test ceiling, above which all care costs must be met by the individual: the self-funding route. For those with wealth between

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Am I better off picking my own funds?

Morningstar has published updated research as part of its annual Mind The Gap study on how much of market returns US investors get. The headline is those investors get 1.7% less than they should. What is the reason behind the difference? The explanation the report gives for this is that the investors mistime their buys

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