Month: August 2023

What is the size factor when investing?

Building on the underlying concept of factor investing, we’ve already explored the Value Factor and now it’s time to look at the Size Factor. What is the Size Factor All About? Think of the investing universe as a zoo, where companies come in different shapes and sizes. Some are powerful lions, while others are nimble

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What is the value factor when investing?

Factor investing simplifies investment decisions by following golden rules such as Value, Size, Momentum, Quality, and Volatility. Let’s focus on the Value Factor and how it helps your money grow over the long term. What is the Value Factor? When shopping, you might see two identical items priced differently. If one is £10 and the

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How can factor investing help me?

Back in the ’70s, an academic called Stephen A. Ross figured out a nifty way to give your returns a bit more oomph. He studied at famous schools like Caltech and Harvard and wrote a paper that changed how we invest. What did the paper say? He popularised “factor investing,” which simplifies investment decisions based

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