Month: May 2020

Could we soon see negative interest rates?

Something happened yesterday which has never happened before. The Debt Management Office (DMO), the Treasury arm charged with the task of selling government debt, sold £3.8bn worth of gilts at a negative yield. The stock concerned was 0¾% Treasury 2023 and the average yield was -0.003%. There was no shortage of market interest as they could have

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Glossary of financial terms

a Accumulation Units A type of fund where any income generated (dividends/savings interest) is used to purchase more units in the fund. An accumulation unit will have ‘Acc’ at the end of the fund name. This differs from Income Units. Allocation Rate The insurer may decide to allocate more or less than the contribution to

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Is gold something I should be investing in?

There is a debate about whether gold makes for a good way to protect portfolios against stock market declines or rising inflation. When I was at school the currency of the playground was premier league stickers. If you had a “shiny” you could command a higher price than the standard card. Deep down, there is

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What three questions can help me plan my retirement?

MIT AgeLab has identified three simple questions to ask yourself to gauge how prepared you are for retirement. They uncover crucial factors which may determine your future quality of life. When it comes to retirement planning, we are inclined to focus on accumulating wealth and spending it wisely. While not outliving our wealth is essential

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