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What is Relevant Life Cover?

Life insurance cover is a benefit large companies often offer their staff as a perk. The problem is that for small businesses, the cost of taking out a group insurance scheme may be too expensive. Relevant life insurance is a potential solution that works out much cheaper than taking out cover personally. What is relevant

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Do I need critical illness cover?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused many households to reassess their financial defences with the purchase of protection insurance. The diagnosis of a serious illness can mean a tough time for your health and your wealth. If you were to become critically ill and could not earn a living, would your family cope financially? Our

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Does my business need shareholder protection?

Imagine a scenario where your business partner and fellow director has died. Your business partner’s wealth, including their share of the business, passes down to their family. This poses significant potential risks to your company. They could become involved in business decisions they know nothing about. They could also sell the shares without your consent

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What is Key Person Cover?

One of the most valuable assets of a business is its staff, with business success or failure depending on them. Some of these people because of their specialised knowledge, skills or contacts, are vital to the profitability of the business. They are often referred to as ‘key persons’ as their death or incapacity could result

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Are you protecting what matters?

If something were to happen to you, the last thing you want is to be worrying about money. Financial planning is not just about getting what we want from life. It is also about protecting our loved ones. We do not like to think about illness and death but ignoring them can have severe consequences.

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