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Is sharing a pension on divorce common?

The University of Manchester Research has published a report entitled: Pensions and Divorce: Exploratory Analysis of Quantitative Data. The report has found that, within couples, men have substantially more private pension wealth than women. This poses challenges should they divorce. The researchers looked at the pension wealth of almost 30,000 people over the age of

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What is salary sacrifice?

It has become common practice for employees to exchange part of their salary and/or bonus in return for their increasing the pension contribution they pay by the same amount. This can be far more attractive than the employee making a direct pension contribution on his/her own behalf, particularly if the employer is prepared to increase

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How can I stop “sleepwalking” into retirement?

Around three in four people risk outliving their savings in retirement, a report looking into the impact of the pension freedoms indicates. The research found evidence many retirees risk potentially running their pension savings down. It termed this as “sleepwalking into retirement”. The study examined retirement planning and spending habits following the introduction of pension

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How could the change to RPI affect me?

Buried amongst the other announcements made on 25 November was a paper from the Treasury looking at measures of inflation. It revealed a decision about replacing the Retail Prices Index (RPI) with the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) including owner-occupied housing costs (CPIH). The RPI has not been an official National Statistic since 2013 because of serious deficiencies

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Can I buy property with my pension?

All registered pension schemes can (in theory at least) invest in property, including land, either in the UK or overseas. Pension schemes can invest directly in property, but many choose to invest indirectly using pooled vehicles. These include unit trusts, open-ended investment companies (OEICs) or real estate investment trusts (REITs). As well as allowing smaller

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Is pensions tax relief safe for now?

The Government has rejected the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)’s proposal that HMRC should evaluate pensions tax relief. The concern was HRMC did not understand the impact of some of the UK’s largest tax reliefs which includes pension tax relief. The committee called for a formal review, but the Government disagreed. They pointed to several recent consultations

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How could COVID affect my planned retirement?

The Institute for Fiscal Studies the effect of the pandemic on those nearing the end of their working lives. In a new Briefing Note, the IFS investigated how workers aged 50 and over have reacted to the pandemic. This has included how their retirement plans have already been affected by the crisis. What were the findings?

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When should I start planning my retirement?

The Money & Pensions Service (MaPS) has undertaken some research among people aged 50-70 with some pension savings besides the State Pension. The results make disturbing reading: 37% of over 50s are leaving their retirement financial planning until their final two years before retirement or won’t prepare at all 35% of retirees said they left financial

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Is the State Pension triple lock under threat?

A report on the front page of Wednesday’s Financial Times has added weight to the possibility. It has highlighted a quirk of the calculation which could cost the Government dearly if no changes are made. To understand why we need to understand the fundamentals of the Triple Lock. The increase each April is the greater

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What three questions can help me plan my retirement?

MIT AgeLab has identified three simple questions to ask yourself to gauge how prepared you are for retirement. They uncover crucial factors which may determine your future quality of life. When it comes to retirement planning, we are inclined to focus on accumulating wealth and spending it wisely. While not outliving our wealth is essential

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What is a personal pension?

The Government introduced personal pensions in 1988. This allowed the self-employed or employees of companies not offering a pension scheme to have a pension. They are money purchase schemes where contributions receive tax relief. Pensions underwent a radical change from 6th April 2006 with the introduction of Pensions Simplification and the March 2014 Budget announced

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What happens to my pension on divorce?

Divorce is one of the most difficult subjects to talk about. The emotional upheaval of divorce can be difficult to deal with. So too can the financial implications. When relationships end, there are so many things to consider. Children, home, and support are the first things you focus on. When you begin the process of

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What can I do with my NHS Pension?

Doing the right thing with your pensions is not always easy but it has become much harder for members of the NHS pension scheme. Many have incurred tax bills through no fault of their own. Some are opting out of their pension schemes altogether to avoid tax. Giving up the lucrative benefits afforded by the

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